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For more than 30 years the United Reformed Church in Marlow was home to the Quoiting Square Playgroup. You may be aware that the playgroup closed in January due to the sudden illness and death of Christine Neiseke.


We have now been informed by Christine's family that the playgroup has closed for good, and there is no possibility of it resuming on our premises. This leaves us in possession of a large quantity of playgroup equipment (chairs, tables, etc.) and toys for indoor and outdoor use.


At this time we have been asked by Christine's family to establish if any of the neighbouring preschools or nurseries would be interested in this equipment. The items are not in the ownership of the church and we are not empowered to negotiate the sale but we can facilitate it. We do not have a list of the available items because we would really like to sell everything as a single lot. If that is not possible, we will probably hold a sale day which will be advertised.


If you are interested in acquiring some toys or equipment it would be good to hear from you.


Please contact me:

Martin Ashford

Phone: 01628-486227

Email: ashfo24@gmail.com