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Monthly Letter

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Dear Friends,  


Any Given Sunday


In sport (I think it started with American Football – game day is Sunday) it is a well known fact that you never know what will happen between two teams … on any given Sunday.


We are journeying through Lent. A period of any given Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and of course … Sunday. Perhaps we will have many ordinary days through Lent.


But Sunday is coming.


We will be gathering on a Thursday to share a meal in church in a few weeks’ time – April 18th.


Then we will be meeting together in Marlow the following day. Just April 19th.


Following a quiet day, we will be gathering on April 21st.


I suspect we will have had many ordinary April 18ths, 19ths, and 21sts … But years ago, God took an ordinary Thursday, Friday and Sunday and showed how present and real God’s love is on any given ordinary day.


This year, we will call these days Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. We will follow the story of Easter through these days. But the story is of God’s love for ordinary people and on ordinary days. If days can be made special, then just imagine what can be made of ordinary people!


If you are ordinary, then you are welcome to share in God’s story. Join us through Lent on all the ordinary days. Join us for Easter as ordinary people.


Perhaps we can discover more about God’s love through the story of Jesus.


God is with us – Emmanuel. On any given Sunday. In fact, on any given day.


God bless,


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