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Monthly Letter

                                                                                                                                    July 2019

Dear Friends,  




I am waiting with…. a great deal of excitement. You?

I’ve got an event in just a few days’ time and I am very excited about it.

I am waiting with… a great deal of nerves. You?

I’m about to collect to my car from the garage and I’m not sure what the bill will be.

I am waiting. You?


How can I be waiting at the same time in different ways?


We all wait at various times, for various things, in various places, with various people and in various ways. But that doesn’t mean we are good at waiting.


We may be waiting for an answer to prayer. We could be waiting for a message from God. We are all waiting for the Kingdom of God to come so that there will be peace and wholeness.


Our lives though may shape how we wait. Perhaps that’s what the disciples left behind in order to follow Jesus… they left things behind in order to go and wait. As we wait for whatever is coming, we can feel guilty or joyful. It might depend on what sort of day we are having as to what we think of waiting and how we wait. But that’s what church is for… some of us will have good days when others have bad days. Some of us will be better at waiting than others.


The Christian life of discipleship is never a speedy thing. It is based around patience and being together. The life of Jesus being with the disciples is an example. The fact that we are still struggling and learning to be disciples is another example.


In our faith journey, we will be doing some waiting. We may not be good about it. We may not be happy about it. But we will be waiting.


So let us pray, with patient anticipation. Let us live and know how that affects our waiting.


Most importantly, let us be thankful that we have a God who is far more patient in waiting for us than we will ever be!


God bless,



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