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Monthly Letter


                                                                                                                                         May 2018

Dear friends,


Now that we are enjoying much warmer weather than in January and February it’s with something of a wry smile we are able to report that the church heating system is working properly again. We may still have some small improvements or corrections to make to have better heat in the Cornerstone Room in addition to the new gas meter which still has to be installed, but the main work is done.


Looking back, the old heating system was not always providing adequate heat. We had had the whole system flushed out by draining it down last year, but we were unaware that one of the two boilers was not performing properly. This crisis hit us at a time when we had the coldest outside temperatures we have known for a number of years. Action was taken to find a short-term solution by providing temporary heating, a series of tasks quickly undertaken by the Management Committee team.


It is most gratifying that the members of the small committee supported each other in sharing in all the work of obtaining no less than five alternative quotes for a replacement system. A huge number of emails were transmitted between the committee members during this period, but despite the urgency and stressful nature of the situation the committee remained wonderfully supportive to each other. I cannot know all the challenges that other committee members faced, but I’m absolutely sure that throughout this difficult time their own faith must have helped them to remain purposeful and calm.


Other committee members found a company in Wycombe from whom we could hire heaters. Martin Beck placed the order for seven heaters based on what was considered to be the reasonable electrical loading on our electric circuits. I agreed to pick up the temporary heaters. When I saw the heaters that had been requested by telephone I had a doubt that they would be big enough to heat the sanctuary. I saw also that they had larger heaters, so I asked if it could be possible to take two large heaters in place of two smaller ones. So this was done and I took two large heaters and five small ones to my car.


At this point I realised that it would be possible for me to fit four large heaters in my car. I did not want to cause an electrical overload problem for the church, but I did feel sure that the larger heaters would serve us better than the smaller ones. There was no time to call a committee meeting or even to start phoning around to the others on the committee. I sent up a prayer asking that the church electrics would manage to support the large sized heaters. I cannot now explain what went on in my own head, but I picked two of the small heaters out of the car and went back to the hire counter with a confidence that I previously did not have, saying that I wanted to replace these two small heaters with two larger ones. The helpful member of staff agreed, changed the paperwork without fuss, and although I pointed out that I would need to make a higher deposit payment he told me it would not be necessary.


The church electrical circuits DID cope with the larger heaters and still today, I give thanks to God for giving me, when I needed it, the confidence to change the order for the second time.


I believe in flash prayer, and this may be something that could help you too.


Yours aye

George Flett