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Monthly Letter

          Dear friends,                                                                                       September 2020


May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us all…

First things first… I’m sorry about the weather. Jo and I are away on holiday. That’s why the weather is most likely a bit rubbish at the moment. Oh well. Second, I wanted to make sure that you are kept informed of various things that are going to be happening in September.

Physical gatherings

We are still trying to set up small gatherings of people for coffee/tea. This has been hampered by finding a good time, a good day and then the British summer weather! The idea is to meet up as small groups where, when and how we can! If you haven’t told me that you would like to be included in a small group then please call, write or email.


We are still continuing with Zoom worship. I do understand that not everyone has been able to participate in this, but it has also been good to have some worship with us who wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Don’t forget we also put most of the services up on the Facebook page of

Maidenhead URC so you can watch the service at any time. We are also putting a video of weekly prayers on Youtube. Just search for

Maidenhead and Marlow URC in Youtube. Please feel free to pass this information on to friends and family!

Through September our worship will include:

Sunday 6th 10:30 Communion

Sunday 13th Gospel Music Service

Sunday 20th or 27th Zimbabwe service and Environment Service

Even if you can’t Zoom, please pray with us on these Sundays. If you don’t usually Zoom, I have enclosed in with this letter at least one prayer from each Sunday. Don’t forget you can ask for a CD to be sent you after the service. Please let me know if you would like it to work in a CD player (sound only) or on a DVD player (video).

Death café

This will continue, again on Zoom, and will be at 5pm on Sunday 6th September. Please let me know by Friday 4th if you would like to attend.

Taizé Prayers

Each month now we are having 30 minutes of prayer time suing Taizé based material. We change what day we hold it on and the next one will be on September 21st (Monday) at noon. Again it is on Zoom.


Ever wanted to go to Palestine? Well you can. On Tuesday 22nd September. You won’t even have to leave your house! The URC is having an evening pilgrimage that evening and you can see it on Youtube at https://youtu.be/8aMCZf6_Ln4

Question and Answer Event

In August both churches had their own Question and Answer sessions. It was on Zoom, and we will be doing it again. Anyone can ask any question! Now, what if you can’t Zoom? Well, you can ask a question anyway and I can either record the event for you (Cd or DVD) or write up my answer and post it to you.


The Synod is holding some evenings over the next month or two which will be inviting anyone to attend and explore what questions churches need to be asking to be church in a changed and changing society. These look to be very good events. Details will be on the Synod website and we will be circulating any information as we can.


September is very much a new start month normally… but this year things remain changed. Church has changed. Society has changed. We have changed. The Good News has not changed. It is not ‘our’ Good News. It is Good News for the world, and just watching or reading the news is a constant reminder that own our individual worlds are all connected to the whole creation… including brothers and sisters around the world known and unknown. I am still thankful to organisations that the URC works with for expanding my world and my understanding of how God is at work.


Some of you will have seen a video that Martin Beck made me aware of regarding the explosion in Beirut. The United Reformed Church has reacted to that tragic event and its worth reading about the response, and possible ways to support the relief effort (https://urc.org.uk/latest-news/3572-urc-invitessupport-for-those-affected-by-beirut-explosion). In addition, of course, Christian Aid, Fairtrade, Commitment for Life and many other partnership projects show how God’s loved is being shared daily.

Our church buildings may still be (mostly) closed, but the love of God is in action. Praise be to God!

We will keep you up to date with any news about church life. We are constantly reviewing the changing laws that affect us, and constantly working

out what is best for the life of the churches. As always, if you have any questions then please do ask.

May God bless you and your loved ones.


God bless, David



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