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Monthly Letter

Dear friends,                                                                                                                March 27, 2020


Haven’t seen you for ages… how are you?


We have, over the years, justified so many meetings or Bible Studies that have had a really low attendance by quoting the scripture: For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.


We are now however, having to rethink that verse. It’s not about being in a building, or in the same room. It's about being together in the name of Christ. No longer about physical. No long gathered in one place. But perhaps this is the season that's is shouting at us: It never was about being in one place!


As we approach Easter imagine:

If Jesus had never left that upper room…

If Jesus had stayed in the garden and fought…

If Jesus had opened up more to Pilate…

If Jesus had stayed on the cross…

If Jesus had stayed in the tomb…

What if Jesus had never left Bethlehem?!


Thank God Jesus has never stayed in one place! That would restrict Jesus to a fixed historical place. Even his ascension opens up Christ to truly show God’s love for the world! If Jesus was all about the place, then these last few weeks have meant it has been impossible for us to be a Christian. We would only be Christians when we were at church. But that would be silly. I know that people I have spoken to people who have been reading their Bible, praying, taking part in community support, and caring for each other’s via phone calls etc. Even an online afternoon tea! That is church; alive and well.


I wonder how you are feeling now, having been ‘at home’ for a few weeks now? There is still much to be thankful for. But it’s easy to forget that. Imagine having np choice of food because you are trapped in a refugee camp. Imagine being locked away in prison for crimes that you simply haven’t committed. Imagine having no freedom of movement because you have been born into an oppressive regime. This Easter we have a great story: a story of love, a story of liberation, a story to make us thankful, and a story to share.


So, how are you? This is how you are: loved. Loved by God to the extent of the cross; love by God to the extent of the empty tomb; loved by God to the extent of the gift of the Holy Spirit.


This Easter we can be gathered in the name of Christ. There are some worship resources here and on the church web sites to help us be together this Easter.


Take care, stay safe, and God bless…




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