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Monthly Letter

                                                                                                                                   November 2019

Dear Friends,  



In all my life I have never known such a strange and unsettled year, such political machinations. All over the world there seems to be political chaos, climatic trauma and, dare I say it, bafflement, people are amazed by their representatives, weasel words, arrogance, hypocrisy, and incomprehensible actions. People have lost faith in politicians and world leaders, there is a great sense of frustration, uncertainty and impotence.


Over the last few weeks I have asked lots of people, family, friends, strangers how they feel about what is going on in this country, without asking their politics, or using the B word. I used the word ‘baffled’, and they came up with other B words: bewildered, bemused, bothered, blinkered, betrayed, burdened, break bad, bamboozled.


Before moving on to the A word, a little about a recent trip to Wales and Worcester. Wales is stunningly beautiful, a reminder of the God-given natural world.


In Worcester, on Saturday, we went to the Cathedral, it cheered me up to see a church full of people, young and old, celebrating and worshiping. It was a special event, with a long prayer room with different areas for different ways of praying.


On the home front, life continues, births, deaths, weddings, divorces, celebrations and grief. All this can be overwhelming, and we need a shining star, something to look forward to, rejoice in and something to strengthen our Faith. Some people say Thank God for Friday. I say Thank God for Advent, the wonderful season, Christmas. The joy of preparation, the excitement of decorating the house, the Church, buying presents that will bring tears and laughter, the carol services, the expectation, the anticipation of the ultimate moment when we celebrate the birth of Jesus, our Lord and Saviour who came to save, who came to bring hope and Faith which sustains us through it all.


Always in hope.


God Bless,

Carole Bailey

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