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Monthly Letter


                                                                                                                               September 2017



Dear friends,


By the time this letter goes to print, I expect that many of you will have been away for your summer holidays. Others may have taken a staycation this year and have been able to relax at home without traffic jams and airport queues. I hope you have all enjoyed your holiday and have come home feeling refreshed and renewed.


During this month (August) many regular activities of clubs, meetings and classes have also been taking a break, but we continue to meet at Christ Church to worship God every week – God doesn’t take holidays!


I was prompted to think of God’s timeless continuity this week when I was out in the garden (between showers). As I cleared away some vigorous weeds, I noticed that the shoots of some grape hyacinths were already poking through even though they won’t be showing flowers for another four or five months in the new year. God’s creation continues without any holiday break.


In many ways, this time of year seems to offer a fresh beginning, with the new academic year starting soon. This brings many young people to a significant crossroads in their life as they consider which path to follow for their future career, and we wish them all well.


If it seems like a new year, would it be a good time to make some new year’s resolutions?  Our Wednesday morning House Group will recommence on 13 September, and we would be delighted to welcome new members to our fortnightly meetings. If you aren’t already involved, we are always glad to have more people on our stewards’ rota. Perhaps you would like to read a lesson during our worship? If so, do see Catherine Johnson to add your name to her list. Maybe you would like to bring along a friend or neighbour to morning worship one Sunday? – all are welcome in God’s house.


And now we are back in the newly painted Sanctuary, which is looking great. Perhaps, in our revitalised surroundings, we can apply a new fervour to our worship and witness together, continuing under God’s guidance as our predecessors have done for many years.


Yours in Christ,

Sheila Blair