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Monthly Letter

Dear friends,                                                                                                                July 2020


Here we are, now four months into lockdown, so perhaps you would expect me to make some comment on our current situation. Well, I find that the novelty has worn off now; we have adjusted our way of living, our way of shopping, our way of finding entertainment, our way of exercising, and we have adapted to the restrictions reasonably well. We have also had to adjust our way of worship, but happily most of us can meet for worship via zoom, and we include absentees in our thoughts as we meet virtually each Sunday,

together with our friends from Maidenhead.


Perhaps some of you may have recently watched the Trooping of the Colour to celebrate the Queen’s official birthday. It was a splendid occasion, even though it was, of course, on a much smaller scale than usual because of social distancing, and it took place at Windsor Castle rather than at Buckingham

Palace. The essence of the event, the precise marching and music from the military bands, were of the usual top quality to the highest standards, and I thought the setting at Windsor was an excellent background to the event. Although as traditional as usual, there was some innovation in the ceremony in

that turning the parade around was achieved by a new “feathers” manoeuvre and a new “spinning wheel” formation was also included. All-in-all, it was a most successful tribute to Her Majesty for her Official Birthday.


For all of us, there have been things that we have had to do differently whilst in lockdown, but we have managed to get them done, sometimes with kind help from family and neighbours. Doing something differently does not necessarily mean lesser or inferior in any way; change can be enriching and rewarding and offer scope for innovation. Although we all have missed physical meeting and social contact with friends and family, perhaps we have made more effort to keep in touch by phone than previously. Being in lockdown may have given us an opportunity to rethink where we were before, and maybe to refocus our priorities.


Many people are asking when will we get back to normal, but we cannot go back to exactly where we were because our world has changed. Many people who have depended on doorstep deliveries for their groceries are planning to continue with this convenient way of getting their shopping; some employees

who have been WFH (working from home) may well continue to do so, avoiding long commutes via public transport where they face high virus risk; many have been pleased with non-food purchases via the internet; some students and schoolchildren will continue to benefit through ongoing technology for learning. Sadly, there will also be redundancies, and some businesses will fold. So, when lockdown is lifted, we will have to pick up from where we were and move forward together.


As lockdown is gradually lifted, and we are allowed to move more freely, where will you choose to visit first? (after the barber/hairdresser). Yes, I would like to enter our church building again, once the Elders can feel it is safe to do so. I know that God is with us in lockdown as always wherever we are, but I

feel it is a privilege to come into His presence in His House to pay homage due to Him, and I look forward to the day when we can return to our spiritual home together. Till then, keep thinking positively, and stay safe, knowing that we are in God’s love and care in lockdown and beyond.


With all best wishes,

Sheila Blair



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