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Monthly Letter

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Dear friends,


As New Forum goes to print the summer holidays are coming to end and of course a big part of this for many was Lighthouse Marlow. Although it seems a long time ago now, I would like to share with you here a taster from our week.


As you may know Lighthouse is a fun-filled activity week run by Christians from local churches.  Our aim is to give local children the opportunity to learn more about Jesus through teaching, crafts, games, sports, singing and drama.

Our theme this year was survival, the skills we need to get through life and what tools do we need to survive? Where do we find all of these? Well the answer of course is God.


God is our team leader. God leads us and guides us. God created the whole world and invites us to be a part of his team. In the Bible we learn that Joshua loved being a part of God’s team (Joshua 6:1-27) and God even knocked down the walls of Jericho so that Joshua and God’s team could live in the land He had promised them!


Rest and protection – God sent his son Jesus to teach us about being friends with God. Jesus was sleeping in a boat on the Sea of Galilee when suddenly there was a raging storm. The disciples in the boat woke Jesus to ask him to calm the storm. Jesus said to have faith. When we are facing a storm in our lives He will protect us.


God has given us tools that we can use in our daily lives.

•The Bible, a special book with stories about Jesus that we can read and learn from.

•Prayer, it’s a conversation with God. We can talk to God when we are sad, need help or when we are happy and want to thank God.

•Worship. We worship God by being thankful and showing this by praying, singing and reading our Bible.


Courage and perseverance – God sent his spiritual survival tool the Holy Spirit to be with us, to fill us, to walk with us. We learnt how Barnabas and Paul were two courageous men, full of the Holy Spirit, and who persevered for God! Barnabas courageously shared his money with the church family. Then Barnabas and Paul showed courage and perseverance to keep going for God even when being bullied!

God gives these tools to us so freely, and He encourages us to share them with others, as through Lighthouse.


As always, a massive thanks to the organisational team and all the volunteers. Lighthouse 2019 is from 5th to 9th August next year, maybe we’ll see you there?

What did we take away from our week at Lighthouse Marlow? Here is our 2018 Lighthouse Survival Verse:

God will always lead you

And He will always guide you

And satisfy you with good things

He will keep you strong and well

Those who are led by God’s Spirit are God’s children


God bless,

Hilary Hunt