The first signs of a car generator malfunction

If the problem of a “tired” battery can be solved even by a “green” driver, whose experience is a little more than a thousand kilometers, then generator breakdowns sometimes catch even the most sophisticated car owners by surprise. How to understand that the converter of mechanical energy into electrical energy is about to fail, the AvtoVzglyad portal will tell you. Look here for additional insights: signs of a bad car battery vs alternator

It's no secret that the battery and generator work in a harmonious tandem, where the former is a backup energy source, and the latter is the main one. And it does not matter which device will order to live for a long time, the car will still get stuck. The only difference is that in the case of the battery this will happen almost immediately, and with the generator - fortunately for the driver - after some time.

In order to prevent serious breakdowns and space costs for repairs, it is important to identify a generator malfunction in time , especially since such a possibility is almost always there. How exactly? According to the first signs indicating the imminent failure of the main source of energy.


If you have had to change the battery several times over the past year, then this is a reason to think about diagnosing the generator. The fact is that a faulty converter sometimes supplies too high a current to the battery, which, in turn, is fraught with the boiling off of the electrolyte and the imminent "death" of the battery. Take a look at the service - it is highly likely that the electronic unit of the relay-regulator has failed.


The engine starts, the car does not stall in motion, but in the dark the headlights shine too dimly, and this is despite the absence of dirt and the novelty of the bulbs bought in a "trusted" store. Such behavior of lighting devices, as a rule, hints at the need to check the generator - in particular, its drive belt. By the way, problems with the main source of energy can also be indicated by the flickering of the headlights, which change the degree of brightness depending on the engine speed, or the dashboard.


Another symptom of a malfunction is the battery indicator "settled" on the instrument panel, as it is popularly called. If, within a few seconds after starting the engine, the icon does not disappear, there will be trouble. Remember, you have several tens of kilometers in stock - it is better to put your business aside and head towards the auto repair shop . And, of course, do not forget to turn off all electrical appliances: "music", headlights, electric heaters, air conditioners and other consumers.


Various suspicious sounds that come from the engine compartment can also indicate an early breakdown of the generator. So, a whistle usually signals a weak drive belt tension, a ringing or rustling - about wear of rolling bearings, overrunning or damper clutches, and an electric hum, reminiscent of the howl of trolley buses , trams and electric trains - about the stator winding closure.

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